1. March, 2004 - Who owns the Internet?

It’s March. It came in like a lamb this year. Last night I got to listen to the rain fall on my house for the first time since I bought it. More new sounds to get used to around here. The rain melted away almost all of the snow from my yard, except where I’d piled it up while shovelling the sidewalks. It’s a different-looking yard now, and while I’ve been thinking a little about spring, if we don’t get snow in the next day or two (and the weather forecast suggests we won’t), I’m probably going to get itchy to get started on some of the outdoor projects I have on my list. It’s not that I don’t still have things to do indoors, but my enthusiasm for them has waned, and maybe some decent weather outside will be the thing I need to start knocking items off the to-do list again. If nothing else, I need to go buy thinks like shovels and rakes and other implements of destruction. Hell, I’ve gotta find a lawnmower, too. Not immediately, but the bare lawn gives me the feeling I should start thinking about it soon.

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