26. February, 2004 - tweaking the look

I almost forgot the bird-feeder update this morning. I’ve seen the following birds since I started filling the feeder: sparrows, swallows, pigeons, a male cardinal, what I think was a dove, but might have been a smaller pigeon, and a blackbird. The Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter has been helpful in figuring out what’s what, especially since the birds all have their winter colors, which are much duller than the summer ones, so they all look either brown or grey to me, but I probably need a better bird-finder, since that one is most useful when you already have a clue, and I’ve just about run out of clues for identifying the birds out there.

I’m also thinking that maybe I should get a standalone web-cam of some sort that I could point at the feeder. There’s a fair amount of activity out there during the day, and it might be something people would want to look at. Then again, most of the standalone ones I looked at were a couple hundred dollars. Maybe I’ll just add one to my wish-list and see what happens.

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