24. February, 2004 - Fat Tuesday

It's Alive!
It’s Alive!

Yesterday I mentioned that the pussy-willow-tree I received for a housewarming present has many leaves now, though some of the catkins are falling off. I also promised a picture, so here it is. Not one of the better pictures I’ve taken, I think, but it’ll probably make the giver happy to know that I haven’t managed to kill the plant yet. The hop plant I received at the same time may not be so lucky. I stuck it in the room under the front stairs down in my basement, thinking it would stay dormant down there, but apparently the warm weather has been warm enough to wake it up, so it grew some sprouts. Oh well, I watered it, and put it back into the dark. I figure one more cold snap to get through, and then I can set it in the garage until the ground thaws enough for me to plant it. I’d put it in the garage now, but that would virtually guarantee some really cold weather to kill the plant and make Steph unhappy, and we can’t have that, now can we?

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