22. February, 2004 - hanging around the house

Moving the bird feeder away from trees and other things that a squirrel could use seems to have helped. There’s less spilled seed (but still quite a bit), and consumption is down to the point where I only need to refill it every second day. Then again, part of that may be due to the fact that the feeder is more exposed, plus there’s an awful lot of spilled birdseed on the ground where it used to be – the birds seem to go there about as often as to the feeder (for now). I’ve also added a couple pigeons to the roster of birds eating from the droppings under the feeder. If there were to try and land on it, they’d definitely be heavy enough to cause a spill, so we’ll see how things develop.

The birds got an extra treat yesterday, too. I cleaned out the fridge a bit and found some blackberries that were left over from my housewarming party on January 31st. I figured it would make a nice treat for them. They seemed to agree.

My back is still hurting, but I’m coping. A trip yesterday to Cub yielded a new bottle of ibuprofen that ought to last me a day or two, along with some extra food that’s easier to prepare, and more seed for the birdies.

The ice-dam in the alley broke yesterday. The water is now running into the alley, rather than pooling right in front of my garage. I’m just hoping I’ll be in good enough shape to shovel the slushy snow that’s coming today out of the way tomorrow morning.

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