14. February, 2004 - Happy Trifon Zarezan

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Nice and sun-shiney and a high around freezing. Even Steph admitted it was nice out. A far cry from spring, but it’s the kind of day that makes mid-February (traditionally the coldest week or two of the year) bearable. I decided to take the afternoon off from work, going out for lunch, and then hanging out up on East Hennepin for a while.

It was easy to see the difference in people out walking around during the day, too. It wasn’t so much that we’ve moved into spring (in spite of what the clothing of some would suggest), but more that we got a little respite from winter, and people were taking advantage of it while they could.

The biggest benefit of weather like yesterday’s is that when that next cold-snap hits, you know that we’ve just about turned the corner, and the weather will generally be getting warmer from here on out. There’s still March and April and the huge quantities of snow that they usually bring, but at this point it feels like there’s maybe one good cold snap left in winter, and that’s a powerful light at the end of the tunnel.

And I’m very happy to be able to have a job that lets me take a few hours off to go enjoy the nice weather while we’ve got it.

Stone Arch Apartments
Stone Arch Apartments

During my walk home from lunch, I stopped to look at some things in my old neighborhood. As it turns out, the Stone Arch Apartments don’t look so bad now that they’re finished. The different colors and setbacks and such really do break up that big building so it doesn’t seem quite as massive as it actually is. When the snow is gone, I expect I’ll be biking past it once in a while, so having it look a little better is a good thing.

Renovations on the Steam Plant
Renovations on the Steam Plant

And it appears that the U of M is finally doing some long-overdue renovations on the exterior of their steam plant. It’s still going to be an ugly building, I suspect, but it’ll be nice to at least have it be a cleaned-up ugly building. I couldn’t tell if they’ve done any work on the side of the building facing the river, but hopefully they will before they’re done. For that matter, hopefully we’ll eventually get the concourse between it and the river that exists in various plans (most notably the one for the WhiteWater Park).

Where Andrew Riverside Church used to be
Where Andrew Riverside Church used to be

Finally, there’s the hole where Andrew Riverside Church used to be. I miss the old building, and the block looks wrong without it there, but since I don’t live just a block from it, it’s not such a big deal to me anymore (hey tore down the church on the day I was moving, so I missed getting photos of the demolition). It will be interested to see what goes in there, though. I’m expecting some condos, but wouldn’t be surprised by an apartment building, either. Ideally, I think there should be some more retail there to tie in with the other retail right along 4th Street just west of 35W, but I don’t know if the neighborhood would go for that. For that matter, I’m not sure what you could put there that would draw customers over time.

Finally, yesterday evening’s Auto Body Experience show was a fair amount of fun. We were treated (among other things) to Scott’s lovely wife donning a blue and white sweat-suit and blonde wig for “Annie” (a song about Resusci Anne, the CPR training aid), and danced about until the song was done and it was time for her to give Scott a big Valentine and on-stage smooch mouth-to-mouth.

Umbrella Bed wasn’t all bad, either. In fact, the music was pretty fun, but I wasn’t particularly impressed by the lyrics and after their first set, all the horns had pretty well blasted out my hearing. Plenty of folks were dancing to them, including one gal about whom the women I was sitting with wondered Do you think she knows you can see her nipples through her shirt? Once again, maybe I’m just an odd duck, but that wasn’t the first thing I’d noticed about her. I did get a laugh by taking off my glasses and rubbing my eyes. And yes, I’m pretty sure she did know.

It was a fun time, and nobody was killed, so I’d call the evening a success.

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