13. Feburary, 2004 - Spooky?

I’m not sure whether it being Friday the 13th or the day before Valentine’s Day is spookier, but if you’re looking for some fun this evening, the Auto Body Experience has announced that they’ll be playing Lee’s Liquor Lounge this evening.

I was thinking about Steph’s complaint about the cold this morning, and I kinda get it, but mostly I just think that it’s winter, and at least to a zeroth-order approximation, how cold it is doesn’t matter to me. Shoes, jeans, t-shirt and big winter jacket are enough even in the coldest weather, unless it’s real windy, too. Then I might pull out a hat and put something long-sleeved on under the jacket. Or if there’s a bunch of fresh snow to stomp through, I’ll put boots on my feet instead of tennis shoes. But mostly, I don’t even check the temperature before heading outside. From sometime in December until sometime in March, the outdoor attire doesn’t change all that much.

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