6. February, 2004 - nothing to see here

Well, it’s been one of those weeks. I’ve been busy with stuff that either doesn’t pay the bills, or has been actively preventing me from paying the bills. The paying work’s no real picnic either. I’m tracking down obscure memory-corruption problems on Mac OS 9, and while I’m booted into 9, I’ve got no email or just about anything else useful. And then when I crash because I failed to find the bug again, I’ve got to spend almost a half-hour waiting for my HD to get repaired by the OS.

I know, I know. I was one of the last geeks around to actually upgrade to Mac OS X myself, so why am I complaining about 9? Well, mostly because when I finally did make the move, I did so thinking that I was was of the last people to upgrade, and as such, I wouldn’t have to worry about a lot of that old cruft anymore. Instead, I find myself fighting years-old bugs that either don’t show up at all on X or are harder to track down there because the tools don’t have fifteen years of evolution behind them. It makes me grumpy.

In any case, I find myself on a Friday with no links queued up for you, and very little that struck my fancy this morning. I was tempted to have nothing at all here today, but some more digging produced these links. Sorry if they’re not up to the usual quality, but I’ve got to go shovel some snow (less than predicted) and then try to stomp a bug or two. And then I get to try and put my VPN back in order so I can let someone know I’ve fixed the bugs.

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