3. February, 2004 - snow done, cold now

Update, 9:24AM: Well, I just got back inside after shoveling for most of the past hour and a half. When I came in, there were icicles in my beard all the way to my ears, in my hair, moustache, and eyebrows. My coat, it’s soggy from the sweat that didn’t freeze on my head. Eww.

Sadly, I wasn’t thinking ahead, and had the digital camera in my (outside) coat pocket the whole time. For some reason it seemed to think its battery was dead, so no picture. Oh well. The temp actually fell while I was shovelling, too, from one-below to four-below.

Sheesh. If you ignore all the hoopla about some has-been pop-star baring some skin, there doesn’t seem to be much news to comment on today. Yeah, there’s some politics happening, but I haven’t been very interested in that, either. So here comes the miscellany…

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