1. February, 2004 - Happy Birthday Mom

The housewarming party went well. We put a dent in the keg of mead, drank pretty much all the beer that people brought, and some of the backup beer that I bought for the party. The only foodstuffs that didn’t go well was the fruit, which surprised me a bit, but what the heck. There was at least one camera here, but it wasn’t mine, so I don’t have any pictures to post just yet. Maybe I’ll get some good ones via email (hint hint). Thanks to everyone for the swell housewarming gifts, even if some of them got consumed during the party. The sushi at the party came from Simply Sushi, in case you didn’t grab some chopsticks with the URL on ’em. The party wrapped up about 2am (a trifle past the midnight I’d mentioned in the invites) and I had everything cleaned up (with some help from a few folks – thanks again) and was asleep by 2:30.

Today’s Mom’s birthday, and she called at 8:30 to tell me that it’s been snowing up there all night, and the road to her place is pretty treacherous and I should stay home. This is two weekends in a row when Sunday snow has kept me from visiting her, and I’m thinking that maybe I’ll have to head up there during the week sometime. But the opportunity to stay home and nap on the couch this afternoon will not be squandered.

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