27. January, 2004 - snow aftermath

On the home-improvement front, I think I have all the new phone wiring done. All that remains there is to unhook some of the older wires, put new ends on them, and connect them through the junction-box I’ve set up in the basement. I also got the shelf hung on the wall, so I can move the networking hardware into the basement, and I think I’ve got all the ethernet in place. I’ve got a new doorbell button for the front door (the old one works, but you have to really mash it, and most people don’t) and hooking that up (probably tomorrow) should complete the low-voltage wiring work.

I’m also planning an evening of furniture-shuffling later this week. I’m aiming to both get things ready for the housewarming party on Saturday and get close to a layout I can live with in the long-run. As in any game of sokoban, I have to get some other stuff out of the way first, but it was time to haul out some of those boxes filled with the packing paper from the move anyhow, and with recycling day being tomorrow, I’ll have some hauling to do this evening.

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