26. January, 2004 - snowy (mis-)adventures

Yesterday I had planned to drive up to mom’s for dinner. In fact, I even got halfway there, but that’s when I ran into some weather problems. When I left home, the weather was pretty good, but when I got past Forest Lake on the freeway, suddenly I was in blowing snow that made driving pretty hairy. I called mom, and the snow was coming down even harder at her place, and she told me to turn around and head home.

weather radar from about 11pm yesterday

On the way back, it seemed as though the line where the snow started really hadn’t moved much. Not too surprising since very little time had passed, but when I got home and looked at the weather radar, there was a C-shaped loop of snow around Minneapolis. And as I looked out the window during the day, that continued until after I went to bed. Looking back at the radar archive (there’s the reason I have that weather link at the bottom of each day), I noticed that it wasn’t until about 11PM that the snow had finally reached Minneapolis, even though mom continued getting snowed on the entire time.

Anyway, I guess one of my tasks this morning is going to be heading outside and shoveling the couple inches that fell here. There’s supposed to be more during the day, but I’ve found that getting out there first thing in the morning helps a lot since it keeps any overnight accumulation from getting packed down into ice by people walking to work or school in the morning. Just one more joy of being a homeowner.

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