24. January, 2004 - what to do?

Oops. I almost forgot that today is the twentieth birthday of Macintosh. That would have been bad.

I find myself awake reasonably early on a Saturday, with a long list of items that need doing, but nothing that really wants doing, if you see the difference. In fact, I’ve been slacking pretty hard (oxymoron alert?) the past couple days, and think today might be a good day for some recreation, rather than trying to get things done. Maybe a trip to the Ice Palace or something…

Yesterday morning, just after the daily blogging, I headed outside to shovel the sidewalks. It was nice, since there were a couple inches of light, fluffy snow, and I made it outside before anyone had tramped it down. I got to talk to a neighbor gal from two houses north of me. I’m slowly meeting the neighbors, and they all seem like fairly nice folks so far.

I also got the invitations for the housewarming sent out, which involved buying a new ink cartridge for the printer. Ugh. I did a greyscale design, figuring that I could print that with black-ink only, but my printer insisted on doing some of the greys with colored ink. Rather than redesign, it was easier to just go buy the color cartridge.

My other big accomplishment yesterday was catching up on some sleep. I didn’t realize how tired I was in the morning, but after eating some lunch, I decided I needed a nap. Five hours later I woke up, feeling fairly refreshed. Wow. The strangest part is that it didn’t screw up my sleep schedule last night at all. I went to bed about the normal time, and woke up about the normal time this morning. I guess I just needed some extra down-time. Yeah, it means that not as much work got done as probably should have, but I’m not going to worry about that just now. Monday will come soon enough.

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