20. January, 2004 - more spam coming

Well, my plan to try and be pro-active about work yesteday fizzled a bit. Got hit with another fire-drill that derailed part of the day. But I’m going to try again today. The difference in my mental state is big enough that I’ve realized I need to take control of the work I’m doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if that causes some friction, but the alternative isn’t very palatable.

In a follow-up to the “my mac has insomnia” tale, I moved the cradle for my Samsung i500 Plam-Phone to a USB hub, rather than having it plugged directly into the computer and disabled Stuffit AVR and the problem went away (yes, I’m running 8.0.2, and wasn’t seeing kernel panics, but I still am suspicious of their software). No idea which of the two was the culprit, and I don’t really care at this point, since my computer will now sleep through the night.

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