19. January, 2004 - back to work

Well, it’s back to work for the week. I think I’m starting to get the chaos around the house in hand a bit. Stringing the network and phone wires over the weekend helped a bunch. It’s a change to the house that’s going to be reasonably permanent that I made. That breaks a mental barrier of some sort, as did getting out the drill and putting (well, putting back) a hole in the living room floor where the network wire comes through. As Bill said at the time, It’s yours now.

Today I need to get out and get some more phone connectors and wire. I was initially thinking I’d string cat-5 everywhere and use the wires I needed for phones and such, but I think I’m going to scale back on that plan and use real phone-line for the phones. If I install regular telephone wires for the phones, I won’t have any compatibility problems at the ends, and I’ll still have spare wires. It’ll be cheaper wire than cat-5, plus it’ll be visually unique down in the basement, which I think will help in organizing all the wires that are going to be coming to the junction boxes for the phone and network connections. I’m figuring this out as I go, but that seems like the right decision to make today.

The other mental hurdle that got jumped this weekend is that I’ve quit concentrating on “unpacking” and started thinking more about ways I need to change the house. I’ve got the essentials mostly unpacked (at least until spring), now I want to get changes made before I worry about unpacking all the boxes. From here on, when I unpack a box, I’d like to have a semi-permanent location for the stuff that comes out of the box – a place where the things belong – rather than making a pile and telling myself I’ll sort it out later.

But the main focus today is going to have to be on paying work. That’s also new here, since it’s the first time I haven’t been reacting to demands from a client, but am instead doing the work I know needs doing, and planning more than a couple hourse into the future. It’s how I like to work, but part of the reason this past month has felt so hectic is that I wasn’t planning my work, but rather just trying to keep my head above water. I’m making a conscious decision to change that today. Wish me luck.

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