17. January, 2004 - wrapping up the week

Yesterday afternoon I went to Dinkytown for lunch. I had to stop by the bank and post office, so the walk was worthwhile, and it turned out pretty well, too. Here’s the story. Lunch was at Burrito Loco. I needed to pick up a menu so I can order delivery, and got an urge for what passes for Mexican food here in MN. For the uninitiated, they’re an awful lot like Chipotle, including having the corn salsa now.

After lunch, I stopped by Dinkytown news and shopped for a magazine to read, and talked to Indra Patel, the owner. He says at the rate things are going, he may have to close the doors next summer. Apparently too many people are doing their reading on some interweb thing, and between that and the increased competition from the University of Minnesota Bookstore in Coffman Union, he’s not selling enough to pay the rent. So if you tend to read obscure magazines, stop in sometime and help him out by buying something.

With my magazine in hand, I swung over to the Purple Onion to do a bit of reading. As I was ordering, I ran into Gordon, who I haven’t talked to for a couple years. We caught up on recent happenings, talked baseball (pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers on February 22nd, you know), and basically hung out for a couple hours. A very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

Then after getting home and setting up the DVD and VCR (I continue to slowly make progress on the house), Gordon called me from Clean Water Action. Apparently I came up on the list for him to canvass. It was pretty funny listening to him try to give the regular spiel after we spent a couple hours hanging out yakking this afternoon.

Yesterday I mentioned I’d updated the blogroll over there on the right. Today I explain what exactly happened. First step was checking out the various blogrolling sites out there. I looked at blogrolling.com first. It’s flexible in that it’ll let you link to any damn site, whether it’s something tracked or not. Which means if you get a slightly different URL than the one that’s being tracked, the site will never show as updated.

Next up, blo.gs. I built a list there, and spent some time customizing the names I wanted displayed on things. Works fine on their site, but that doesn’t make it through to the HTML feed they’ll let me at. Feh.

So I grabbed Phil Ringnalda’s PHP blogroll. It needed a little massaging to make it fit in with the rest of my PHP (I understand why people just use echo for output, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it because that makes it a bitch to integrate the output with a site that uses templates), and while I was at it, I added some extra code to do the name-replacement.

Slap an extra call or two into the main-line site-rendering code, and there it is. There are still some kinks to be worked out, but they’re mostly due to people who don’t ping weblogs.com when they update. I’ll end up either applying a little social engineering or just writing a script that checks their site manually and then does the ping for ’em. What the hell, eh?

That’s enough rambling, I think. Time for some linkage.

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