16. January, 2004 - Happy Friday

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Y’know how sometimes you start to do one thing, get sidetracked by a detail you hadn’t thought of, and end up doing something completely different? That’s been the story of my life lately.

When I first bought the house, I figured that one of my top priorities was going to be getting new phone and electrical wiring installed (and probably ethernet while I was at it). The existing outlets and phone jacks aren’t sufficient, and are poorly placed. Well, after looking at the problem a couple times, I figured it could wait, since I’m getting by with power-strips and cordless phones.

So yesterday, I figured I’d get the remaining boxes in the living-room unpacked, and generally try to get the ground-floor into a state where I could have a hope of hosting a housewarming party before the month is over. It started well enough. The curious box from a CD player I don’t have any more turned out to contain the scanner for the computer. A dish-pack box in the basement contained my laser printer. Okay. All well and good, but I don’t have a place near the computer to set up peripherals, and I don’t have the bedroom upstairs done so I can move an office up there. Plunging on, I set those boxes aside (in the living-room, where my office currently is). That’s not exactly progress, but they were at least out of the way of the rest of the boxes that need to be dealt with.

Okay, I can at least push the TV back into the corner where it’s destined to live, right? Oops. No I can’t. The phone cord leading to the DirecTiVo is stretched as far as it will go, and I not only don’t have a longer cord, but it would still end up stretched right across the front entry-way, which isn’t a very good long-term solution. This is when I realized that I need to deal with the wiring situation.

First a call to Bill, since he’s got some tools I’ll need. He’s willing to help, and we’ll tackle the wiring sometime this weekend. Then a quick trip to Micro-Center and about $200 later, and I’ve now got a whole slew of networking and phone wire, a couple jacks that I believe I can use to get the installation done, and a handful of various connectors I probably won’t need unless I hadn’t bought them, in which case they’d be critical. In any case, I won’t be embarrassed by trying to wire the house and not having any wire.

Coming home from the store, I stopped by O’Brien’s Decoy to pick up some supper. After chowing down on about half the meal (I used to always eat the whole thing, but I don’t feel an urgent need to push maximum density, so I restrained myself), I was still slightly more full than was comfortable. The obvious solution was to plop down in front of the TV to waste two hours of my life watching Dancing at the Blue Iguana. Yes, there are topless cuties, but that doesn’t mean you should let them improv for two hours because none of them seem able to tell a story. Liberal use of the fast-forward button just might save this movie, but you’ll be left with about fifteen minutes of stuff worth watching. Then it was time for bed, wondering why it is that Daryl Hannah doesn’t put at least a little more meat on her bones. She’d be a lot prettier if she didn’t look like a crack-whore, especially when she didn’t seem to be playing one in the movie.

And that, dear readers, is why there is still a pile of boxes sitting in my living-room.

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