13. January, 2004 - coming down with something

In spite of the threats of the horrible flu going around this winter and various other illnesses spreading, I’d managed to stay mostly healthy all through Christmas and New Years. But yesterday, it finally caught up with me, and I started feeling cruddy. I guess some bug has finally caught up with me, and it feels like I’m going to be spending the next couple days with a stuffed head and aching body. Hopefully that’s all it’ll be, but if the linkage is less, you’ll know why. And if the linkage is heavier than usual, it means I’m feeling well enough to lay on the couch with the laptop and surf the web a bit. I’m not sure which way this will go yet.

And as for the busy week I said I was facing yesterday morning? Well, some things just aren’t going to get done as soon as I’d hoped. I’ll worry about the details when I’m feeling better.

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