12. January, 2004 - the start of a busy week

Here it is, Monday. And today’s going to be a fairly busy one. I’ll spare you the details, but this has the looks of shaping up to be a pretty long week. At least this coming weekend will see an off-season gathering of the PeTA people which I’m looking forward to. I think the idea of that is going to help in getting through the week.

But I’m probably not going to have a ton of linkage during the week. If you miss that sort of thing, this would be an excellent time to contribute some links. Note that when I’m not running low like this, I tend to try and group the links together in topics, so if there’s a topic that you wanna see more about, the surest way is to submit a link or two and then I’ll work on filling in more. Having commentary with your links helps too.

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