10. January, 2004 - this is a weekend?

My computer and cell phone both tell me it’s Saturday, but it doesn’t feel much like a weekend. I woke up and looked at my to-do list and email, it’s going to be a busier day than most weekdays. Not only do I have a fair amount of work to do around the house, but I also have some work to do for a client. The past few weeks have been fairly frustrating, as everything from this client has been top priority, which I understand, but it’s meant that I’ve had less time around the house during the time when I was supposed to be “settling in” and getting the house so it feels more like home.

Yesterday morning Mark stopped by from St. Paul Plumbing, and we looked over the shower situation. What seemed like a fairly straightforward job to me has a few complications, and he left without doing more than scoping out the job, and promising to get back to me with some possible solutions on Monday. That’s not ideal, but at least the ball is rolling.

I need to spend today doing things around the house. I’m having a few guys over this evening to play cards, and need to get the kitchen (where the beer will be stored) and the dining room (where we’ll be playing cards) in good enough shape that we won’t be tripping over things as the evening progresses. I also need to get the stereo set up, and perhaps get some way to connect the iPod to it so we can have music during the game. It’s not a huge task, but it’s coming at a time when I’m feeling lazy.

As to feeling lazy, I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. There’s been a fair amount of stress shoved into my life in the form of some legal matters that I haven’t talked much about (and probably won’t until they’re done). Last Tuesday was part of that, and there are still more headaches on the way. Dealing with that while buying a house, moving, and trying to release software all at the same time has been a lot to try and keep straight, and it’s been taking its toll since early December. At this point, what I most want to do is spend about a week just sleeping, but I can’t do that just yet. Instead, Itook the day off yesterday, napping and watching TV after I’d dealt with the plumber and some critical email. I didn’t even leave the house, other than to stick my head outside to say hi to the mailman and pick up the mail.

So the short version is that I’ve got a busy day ahead of me today, but it’s mostly due to not getting anything constructive done yesterday. Tomorrow is booked up, too. And then it’ll be right back into the work week. I guess I did have a weekend, but it was yesterday.

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