5. January, 2004 - starting the new year

Today’s the start of the business year for most companies. Yeah, there were a few people working last Friday, but damn few. Today, everyone’s mostly back at work, and starting to dig into the problems they’ll be dealing with through 2004. Except for a few who got their walking papers sometime over the Christmas holiday season and are trying to figure out whether that was a lucky occurance or not.

Around here, it’s kind of the same thing. I spent yesterday mostly watching TV and generally just vegetating. The stereo didn’t get set up, and probably won’t until Saturday, when it will be time to make frantic preparations to host the monthly poker game. (Jim: remember you said you’d pick up some cards from Target for me.)

I’m not sure what today will bring, but I know it involves paying some bills and restocking the fridge. Beyond that, there’s a job I should either bid on or bow out of gracefully, but it’s a bigger job than I’ve taken on before (or rather, it’s obviously bigger before I start on it – I don’t think it will grow from a “couple month” project into a two-year gig as some other projects have). Overall, I’m fairly nervous about it. It would be a chance to make my business bigger, but I still need to figure out whether I want a bigger business in that way, and whether I can commit the time needed to do the job right. I’d rather pass on the job than take it on and end up doing it half-assed.

I guess that’s the big question for me in 2004. Am I going to continue to muddle on as I have been (with the modification of owning a house), or am I going to take some risks in order to have a bigger and more successful business? I think this Oldie but Goldie posted by VoWe this morning might point the way, but maybe a local PHP programmer will contact me looking for work and the plan will come together.

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