3. January, 2004 - new laws

I didn’t make a lot of progress on the home-front this week. Rather than getting more things unpacked and some of the smaller tasks done around the house, I spent time dealing with bugs in some software I’m trying to finish up. The most annoying thing is that these aren’t bugs that have been introduced recently, but rather problems that have been lurking in the software for months and have just recently been found. It leads me to think that maybe there’s a business opportunity out there for teaching organizations how to actually test their products. Of course I’m going to have to figure out how to sell the expertise I’ve picked up over the years, and more importantly, the expertise of my employee who’s really good at quality assurance (because he’s more obsessive-compulsive than I am).

One of the things I need to figure out around the house is how to get the grates for the cold-air returns fixed up. They’re nice wooden lattices, but because they were made while there was carpeting in here, they’re now about ¼″ too thick, so I need to buzz some wood off the back sides of them so I can fit them back into the floor again. I was thinking that the floor guys would do that with their big belt-sanders, but apparently I was confused, so they’re the one bit of flooring-related work that’s remains to be done on the ground floor. Anyone know someone with the right tools to finish that job? Professional help would be fine. Drop me a note, please. I need to get them fixed before I can have the house-warming, since having people falling into the heat ducts would be a bad thing.

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