1. January, 2004 - may this year suck less

Thinking back on the party last night, I’m struck by the different conversational openings I was hit with. There were two gals who served as a nice contrast. The prettier of the two opened a conversation with a question that I remember as Why don’t guys talk to me? I understand why women don’t, since I’m pretty, but why don’t guys want to talk to me? The other one spent a minute or two listening to a conversation I was having with another guy, and then sidled her way into the conversation. Guess which one I spent more time talking to?

That’s not to say that an abrupt approach won’t work to start a conversation with me. One guy at the party who looked familiar asked: Did you used to work at LaserMaster? Did you try to sodomize me at Toro’s of Aspen in 1992? I’d completely forgotten that he’d worked at LM (he was only there for six months, working in a different group), and apparently at some point in that booze-soaked evening over ten years ago (the same evening when Mel stole the framed poster from the men’s room, and where Aaron and I spent much of the evening trying to convince the bartender to make us a pitcher of manhattans, but that’s another story) he was standing at the bar, and I wanted a drink, so I’d come up behind him and, um, gotten a bit familiar while trying to get the bartender’s attention. We talked quite a bit last night, too.

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