Taking care of the little things

I woke up today (Sunday, 4 May, 2003) thinking I was going to be doing a bunch of work on projects that haven’t been the top priority. But once I’d gotten moving for the day, I decided I needed to take care of little things around the house.

Laundry had piled up to the point where I was starting to think about recycling. At an hour per load, it’s the kind of thing I can do while I’m working, but I haven’t been doing that lately, so it was time to tackle the problem. Six loads later, I’m nearly caught up again, and most of the winter things are now clean and put away for the summer. There’s just a couple blankets that I’m not quite ready to put away yet.

Dishes haven’t been a major problem since I bought the spiffy little dishwasher, so that was one less thing to worry about. But the clean dishes have been put away, and the plate from breakfast is now in the dishwasher, waiting for enough company that it’s worth running the machine.

I’ve been tailgating at the St. Paul Saints for ten seasons (minus a summer in California). The back end of my car has not been cleaned out in that whole time, so today I tackled that. Half a garbage cart later, all that remains are the essentials. Out went the grill that had rusted through last year. Out went about two dozen flattened can-coolers. Out went the frisbee golf discs I haven’t used for over five years. Everything must go! About the only thing I kept were a couple baseball caps that are still serviceable (though in need of a washing, see above), the jumper cables (can’t live in Minnesota without them), a handful of bungee cords, and the handyman’s secret weapon. You never know when something might come loose on a 12 year old car.

I also worked on a number of smaller projects. Watered the grass we’re trying to grow in the front yard (hopefully ensuring that it’ll rain), touched up a little code behind the website that had been bugging me for a while (it worked, but I wasn’t happy with it), I reviewed a paper for MacHack, printed out a few invoices for sites I host (it’s easy to put that off, since I bill just once a year, but I couldn’t put it off much longer), spent an hour telling iTunes how to find all my music again (and restoring some from a backup that I’d accidentally deleted), and basically just “puttered around” taking care of things that have needed doing, but which I haven’t gotten to because I’ve been trying to keep up with the paying work. I suppose I should still work on the redesign for the MacHack website, but that’s not due until next weekend, so I think I’m going to put it off a little longer.

Speaking of paying work, there’s still plenty of it to be done, but I needed a day to take care of the little things so I can go back to the paying work tomorrow and not have a ton of excuses to do something else instead of getting it done. At a minimum, I’ll have to think harder to come up with excuses now.

Day of rest? Not really, but I think I feel enough better about life now that it was almost as good as a day of rest for me.

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