Letter to Jeff at Pig’s Eye


As a long-time fan of both Pig’s Eye (bought it as soon as MN Brewing started selling it, and have bought some from your new company) and the Saint Paul Saints (I’ve held season tickets since the first year), I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I was to find that the Saints aren’t carrying any Pig this year. I’ve been buying it in the stands for all the years I’ve been going to Saints games, and the vendors actually were concerned about what I was going to pick as a replacement, so that tells you something about the loyalty I had to the brand. (I ended up settling on Leinie).

Anyway, I know most of the people who work the park, as well as the vendors who carry, and if there’s anything I can help you do to get Pig’s Eye back on the menu at St. Paul Saints games, please let me know. Also, the mascot is still a pig, and while the idea is hardly new, sponsoring the mascot would certainly help get the word out that “The Pig Is Back” (the word is out, but there were folks I talked to at the game last night who hadn’t heard).

Please help me uncork a pork, dine with the swine and have a swig of the pig at the ballpark.

Tom Farrell is probably the guy you’ll need to talk to about having the Saints carry the pig again. I’m sure he can point you to the correct person if you’re interested in promotions.

Thanks for your time,


I got response from Jeff on May 22.

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