Christmas Letter 2003

Happy holidays,

It’s time again for the annual Christmas letter. This year there’s snow on the ground, so I got started writing the letter a little earlier than last year. That doesn’t mean the letter will go in the mail any sooner, but I did try.

I’m buying a house (finally). It’s near 35–W and East Hennepin Avenue. The house is a two-story stucco house, with two bedrooms and a bath upstairs, a living room, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor, and a full unfinished basement. I like it. The foundation’s just a smidgen under 600 square feet, so it’s a lot more room than I’m used to, but I know myself well enough to be sure I’ll find a way to fill it up with stuff before too long.

I close on the house on December 16th, and will be moving on the 23rd, so this is going to be a busy holiday season for me. There’s some old carpeting that’s a mashed-peas green that has to go, I need to refinish the hardwood floors that on the ground floor, and get new carpet in the bedroom I’ll be moving into upstairs. I’d like to get that all done between closing and moving in, but I’m not the only one who’s mentioned that my schedule might be a bit aggressive (insane is the other word I’ve heard used). I’ve hired professionals for much of the work, but getting ready for the move has still been stressful. The thought of never again waking up to the booming stereo from the guy next door at 3am helps me get motivated for an awful lot.

the new house

It’s also been a busy year for work. Other than the normal two weeks I spend at conferences in the summer, I’ve worked every week of the year. I was hoping to get a vacation when I finished up the project I’ve been working on since summer 2002, but it looks like we won’t be done until late this month. (A software project running late? I can’t believe it, either.) At least there’s nothing I’m responsible for that could hold up the project, so I can take a few hours off to get ready to move without feeling guilty about it.

I think that’s enough for now. I’ve got to pack another half-dozen boxes of books before I can call it a day, so I’d better get started on that.

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