29. December, 2003 - Back to work

Monday morning. Yesterday was pretty much a day of rest. Aside from spending a couple hours trying to assemble the fridge I was given (which I really appreciate), I just sat around and looked at the TV. It’s not that I didn’t need to unpack some things, but I had just had enough for a while, and decided I needed to rest.

The only real problem is that I was supposed to set up the VPN and my desktop computer so I’d be ready for work things this morning. There are two things that need doing. The first is that I’ve got some updated code that has to go to a client (thus the need for the VPN), and the second is that I’ve got to get the end-of-year paychecks ready for my employees (and all the information about their hours is on the desktop computer). Neither has happened, and while I can do things like put together Dave’s Picks on a laptop, actual programming work really wants to happen on the desktop, as does all the payroll stuff.

I think part of the reason for not unpacking yesterday is that I don’t want to get back to work just yet. I’ve got plenty of other stuff I need to be doing (like unpacking pans so I can do some actual cooking) around the house, and the list continues to grow. And I’m afraid that jerry-rigged things like the ethernet cable I’m going to run to the desktop will become permanent, rather than getting things set up the right way. Specifically, I need to put in grounded outlets, move the network stuff into the basement, and put in a couple ethernet jacks in various locations if I’m going to have a happy work environment in the long run. I also need to go buy something to protect the floor where my desk chair will be so I don’t wreck the hardwood floor I just got refinished.

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