27. December, 2003 - back in the saddle

Well, I’m kinda back at the regular blogging. I woke up this morning, and started the day by surfing around the web a bit, and putting together some links. I still don’t have my desktop computer up and running (that’s on the list for today, along with moving a fridge), so I’m not fully in the swing of things, but life is getting closer to normal again every day.

On the other hand, I have to move a fridge today, and one guy I thought would be helping hasn’t responded to email. And on top of that, it’s raining out right now. It’s melting some of the snow off the sidewalk where we’ll have to bring the fridge in, but I’m afraid it’ll leave behind a layer of ice that’ll be much more treacherous than the snow was. Oh well, wish me luck.

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