26. December, 2003 - updates - online

Well, that was certainly a clusterfuck.

Here’s what happened with my DSL. When I called Qwest to tell them I was moving, I specifically mentioned to the guy who was taking the move order that I had a Cisco 675 as my DSL modem, and wondered if I needed new hardware. He said that I didn’t.

So Qwest transferred everything on the 23rd. When I called in on the 24th, I got someone who again misinformed me by saying that the DSL wouldn’t transfer for two to three business days.

In fact, it was transferred on the 23rd. I just didn’t have the right hardware on hand, and I hadn’t ordered it from Qwest because I was told I didn’t have to. Today I ended up running to Micro Center and buying a Zoom ADSL X5, which with a few phone calls to Bill at Pro-NS, I got working.

So I’m online now. But I’m not expecially happy with Qwest, even though they’ve credited $50 to my account for the hassle they caused, and there’s now a DSL modem on its way to me. It won’t get here until Monday, and I’m going to pay something like $50 for it. There may be another credit to my account, but I just don’t know at this point, and I don’t really care. I just wish they’d pull their collective heads out and get their systems so their left hand can know what their right hand is doing.

Anyway, I’m posting the updates from the past few days that I wrote while I was offline at the same time as I post this update. Sorry for the lack of linkage, but it was out of my hands.

Now I have to go try and find the DSL filters so I can keep this connection alive and be able to use my phone, too. I wonder what box those are in…

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