25. December, 2003 - Merry Christmas

Well, here it is the late afternoon of Christmas Day. I’ve been to mom’s and back, and stopped by the apartment to pick up the mail from yesterday, grab a few things from the fridge, and chat with the neighbors I’m moving away from. It was a beautiful day outside, and when I stopped by to pick up things, Pamela was outside chipping the ice and show off her sidewalk. We talked about the commercialism of Christmas and the fact that the 25th is the first day when you can notice (with stone-age tools) that the days are getting longer again.

I also visited mom today. We were going to go out to lunch at a restaurant that’s had a buffet for Christmas for many years. Unfortunately, they apparently decided not to do that today, so we ended up eating at the casino. It was a pretty good meal, and it was nice to get mom out of the house. I think she’s not doing enough of that on her own lately, so I guess I’ll have to pick up a bit of slack there.

This morning saw a few more boxes unpacked. I managed to unpack enough to find the silverware, as well as a bunch of cooking utensils. I’m almost unpacked enough that I could cook a real meal if only I had unpacked the box of food. But it wasn’t a bad start to the day before breakfast. It’s been a little tricky though, since I’ve moved my fridge to the basement, and am waiting until Saturday when I get a cool new fridge from a friend. Meanwhile I’m mostly living out of the freezer and “cooking” things in the microwave. So it was nice to go out for lunch for me, too.

There’s still no network here, though. I didn’t really expect Qwest to turn it on today, but it would have been a nice Christmas present for them to have given to me. Instead I’m writing this on the laptop and figuring I’ll get around to posting it eventually. Hopefully tomorrow. If I don’t have DSL back until Monday, it’s going to put me in a bad way for some work I need to get done before the first of the year.

Oh well, tomorrow is mostly going to be a day of cleaning up the old place. I’m not sure if I’m going to haul the old computers out early or not, but I’ll probably take out the recycling. That also reminds me that I need to figure out when recycling day is here at the new place. I think the trash gets picked up on Tuesdays, but recycling is only every second Tuesday, so I need to figure out which week is which.

I guess if I still don’t have a network here tomorrow, maybe I’ll stop by Dunn Brothers’ in order to use their wireless network in order to post this and also to check my mail and send mail reminding folks that Saturday is when we move the fridge. I’d have to have that go wrong because I couldn’t email people to set everything up.

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