24. December, 2003 - moved

Well, here it is Christmas Eve. I’ve moved in, and tried to hook up the DSL, but a call to Qwest reveals that in spite of their promises when I called in to move my service, they haven’t actually transferred the DSL service to the new place, even though it’s coming from the same CO. None of my neighbors have wireless networks set up within range of my powerbook, either.

I’m feeling a bit crabby about the lack of DSL at the moment, since I have no idea when I’ll be able to get back on the net. I’m hoping it goes live on Friday, but I have little hope for anything tomorrow. Not only would I like to post this, but I’ve now been without email for two full days, and I’m starting to feel a bit itchy about that.

Yesterday went okay, I guess. The movers showed up about 8:45 and were done about 4. In spite of them taking lunch for about an hour, I got billed for 7 ¼ hours. I’m not sure about the math involved there, but they’re done and gone, and that’s good enough for me. I may not have Graebel move me again, though. I was less impressed by them this time than the previous two moves. The DirecTV guy did a fine job on the install during the afternoon. The only real problem was that he left his fish-tape behind.

I didn’t have a great night of sleep last night. First night in a new house, and I woke up multiple times due to strange noises. Guess it’ll take me a while to get used to that sort of thing, but it’s nice not having a stereo waking me in the middle of the night.

One effect of this move (and lack of network) is the amount of time I’ve spent watching TV. Yesterday evening I was physically just worn out, and after a dinner at Manning’s, I watched TV until I was tired. Today I’m still sore, so I’ve been taking it easy, which means spending a lot of time in the recliner watching the tube. And I find myself wondering what the hell is up with the Cat in the Hat commercials? The Cat says “Bling Bling”?!?

I did manage to unpack some boxes today. One box of networking stuff, one that was clearly labelled “plates/glasses” that didn’t actually have any plates (it did have some saucers, but that’s not as useful when you’re trying to find something big enough to nuke dinner on), and then another that also had glasses on top and some plates underneath. Jackpot! Once I’d found a dinner plate, my verve for unpacking abated.

There are two things that have moved way up on my frustration list for the house. Almost every outlet is just a two-prong outlet, which means I’m going to need to pull new wires in a lot of places, but there is some conduit in the house so maybe I can ground outlets to the conduit and still be okay. Speaking of wires, there are only three phone jacks that I can find in the house, and only two of them seem to work. That’s not such a huge deal, since I had planned on running some wiring for a home network, but where the phone wires come into the house is a mess. I’m guessing that means that I’ll be pulling both network and phone wires all at once. I’’d hoped to be able to put that off for a while, but I guess not. I definitely want to do the two at once, though.

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