21. December, 2003 - handy phone

More moving experiences

I had a couple friends coming over yesterday afternoon to help move a couple dressers and whatever else would fit into the minivan, so I got cracking fairly early in the morning, and by lunch-time had sorted all the old T-shirts in my closet into “worth keeping” and “throw ’em out” piles, and thrown out four or five bags of garbage, including the t-shirts that weren’t worth keeping. The keepers are split about evenly between conference-wear and product Ts for dead products. At some point, I’ll probably give them all away, but I have to figure out exactly what’s there, first. In any case, other than a beat-up coffee-table that I’m going to set on the curb, the closets just have things that the movers can pick up and carry to the house.

I also packed up the last few DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes. They’re all in boxes now. I find it more than a little interesting that I’ve packed over thirty boxes of “entertainment,” and have quite a few books left to pack (at this point, the movers are going to get to pack those, but I think it’s about twenty-five more boxes of books) and I could carry on just fine without any of it. Yeah, there would be moments when I’d want to get at a book I remembered buying, but I’m starting to think that maybe I’ll set up an account on half.com and thin the collection a bit. Then again, I will have a lot more space to store crap like that, so…

After we moved a minivan full of stuff to my house, I came home and decided it was time for a nap. All the plans for the afternoon faded away, and I napped for a while, and then stared at the TV until it was time to go to bed. I feel a lot better for it, and I also managed to get more than eight hours sleep last night. I’m definitely not going to get everything done in the order I planned, and I’m going to be paying more to the movers than originally planned, but I think it’s the only way to keep sane at this point.

The other major hurdle I face is that I haven’t figured out where things are going in the house. There are quite a few things that are obvious, such as all the tools and such that will go in the basement, but I haven’t even decided which room is going to house my books. And what about the TV? I don’t want it in the living room, since TV inhibits conversations, but I want the stereo there. That's complicated by the fact that the DVD player is also my CD player. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell the movers where to take which things, but at this point, I suspect everything is just going to get piled in one room, and I’ll sort it out after the holidays.

Oh well, enough yammering on. I’ve got to get some breakfast in me, deal with the last two “piles of crap” (one of which is mostly bike panniers and laptop bags) and then head up to mom’s for lunch. If I can be a little organized, I can probably even drop a load of stuff at the house on the way to mom’s and pick up some more boxes on the way home.

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