20. December, 2003 - am I done yet?

The continuing saga of the move…

Yesterday was not a good day.

I had grand dreams of getting many things done. I had a pretty good morning, picking up a case of furnace-filters, the Lexan for the basement windows, and some storage tubs for some clothes. I also spent a half-hour paying for the carpet (and installation) I wanted to put in my bedroom. But I haven’t been sleeping well, so I decided to take a nap after lunch. And that’s where the day started to unravel.

I got woken from my nap by Home Depot calling. I’d knocked the charger cord loose for the wireless phone in my bedroom sometime earlier in the week, so when I tried to answer, the phone died. I went to check voice-mail, and the quote I’d gotten that morning for carpet installation, and which I’d written a check for, was wrong. I called back, and the guy who’d just called me was nowhere to be found. But the core problem is that not only does the bedroom have the carepting glued down, it’s glued to 9″ vinyl tiles which most likely contain asbestos, and I’ll need an extra $500 of underlayment because of the tiles.

Now that’s not good news, but the worse news is that Home Depot’s installers can’t remove the old carpet, either. Because it’s glued to the tiles, they may disturb the asbestos while tearing up the carpeting. Professional abatement will run between $3 and $6 per square foot, or I could tear out the carpeting myself, hope I don’t stir up any asbestos, and have them hide the tiles under carpet for the next person to worry about. No matter what I do, it’s more work that I have to do, taking more time I don’t feel like I have. And the old carpeting simply has to go. Not only is it butt-ugly, but it’s also torn up in one of the corners where I verified what was under it.

In any case, I had to run to Home Depot to get a refund. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the floor, but I wanted my money back while I think about it. On the way there, I almost got hit by a bus pulling away from a bus stop. His brake lights were on, and as I started to go around him, suddenly he was pulling out. And then his turn signal went on. I stopped the bus and yelled at the driver, which probably wasn’t the brightest idea. He called the cops, and I called the complaint line and hopefully that’s that. But for all I know, yelling at a bus-driver is a terrorist act now.

At Home Depot, it took nearly another hour to get my check back. Apparently, I should have paid with a credit-card and they would have just credited my account, but there’s a ton of hoops to jump through to pull a check out of the till.

Back to the house to empty the car, and the floor people had just finished up the final coat of polyurethane. The floor looks good. I shoveled the sidewalk while they were hauling their stuff out. Hopefully there’ll be enough sun today to melt the rest clear.

Home again. Pack some more stuff. Move a carload of things, and have some dinner and beers at the bar. It was much-needed relaxation.

The most frustrating part of the whole floor problem is that it popped up out of nowhere, burned half a day, and sapped my energy. I don’t know what I’m going to do with that bedroom. I’m tempted to call in professionals and get the asbestos out of there for good, but that’s going to mean more disruption. Or I could just carpet over it and put it off to later.

Today I’ve got to start dealing with the various “piles of crap” around the apartment. If I let the movers pack them, I won’t be able to find anything, and they’ll be moving a bunch of stuff I should have thrown out years ago. I’ve also got a couple friends who are going to help me move the now-empty dressers which used to be filled with summertime clothes. I need to move the contents of my mini-freezer, so I can defrost it before moving it. And I need to find a place to stash a bunch of computer equipment I’m going to throw out that I can’t put on the curb until the 29th.

I’m sure it will all work out in the end, but at the moment, I have too many things that I think I should be doing, and the looming deadline of the professional movers arriving on Tuesday. Guess it’s time to get to it.

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