16. December, 2003 - busy

Life’s been pretty busy lately with the house-purchase and all. Yesterday, after doing the walkthrough (and discovering a busted window on the back door where someone broke in over the weekend), and dealing with lawyers on another matter, and meeting with one of my employees for our annual review, I spent six hours chasing down a bug, explaining it to all involved, and FedExing off a CD to Apple so they can see the bug happen. Got to sleep, and then an ex called. Twice. I was awake for over an hour.

Glock Perfection

Today I close. I also fix the window (if the sellers haven’t already fixed it), put on double-keyed deadbolts so sticking an arm through a broken window won’t let ’em open the door, and maybe stick a sticker (seen at right) on that window as a warning to the scum. I’ve got guys refinishing the hardwood floors beginning this afternoon, the carpet guys coming by later in the week, and movers next week. Oh, and there’s some holiday everyone seems to be getting worked up about in the near future. I’m pretty sure buying a house and moving is the most stressful thing I’ve done, and I haven’t even started moving yet.

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