1. July, 2003 - The Funk!

This morning I overslept and decided not to drive to the suburbs for the weekly meeting my client has on Tuesdays. I think it was a good choice, but when I went to cook up some breakfast, I opened the dishwasher (which I’d run before leaving town) only to discover that I probably should have actually emptied it before leaving. There was enough moisture left in there that the once-clean dishes had taken on some sort of funk. Bleagh! So now I’m running the dishwasher again.

Yesterday was spent sorting through the three inches of paper mail (three checks, six bills and three magazines worth keeping from the whole pile), and reading through the 800-odd emails that had come in while I was away (most of which I’d looked at while on the road). Today, I’m going to try and plow through the 50 of those emails that were worthy of keeping around, and try to balance all the books and pay the bills that had arrived, and I think once that’s done, I’ll finally be almost back to normal. I really need to remember to schedule a couple days off when I get back from any extended trip for just this sort of catching up.

Continuing with the catching up theme, here are some links I probably should have gotten to earlier, but you’re going to get them today.

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