27. June, 2003 - Indiana?

Last night was the Beer Bash at Apple. Interesting time, and I got to see a bunch of Apple employees I used to work with, and meet a few new ones, including the gal who was the hardware lead for the 12 inch PowerBook I use, the guy who led the team that did the desktop G4 that I use, and the guy who was the lead for the G5 project. Plus lots of other cool folks, and it almost makes me wish I worked at Apple again.

Comfy Chair
Comfy Chair

Here’s a picture of me in SF, before the bash, plugged into the wall to get electricity for my PowerBook, and sitting in the beanbag chairs so thoughtfully provided for us. It was a pretty comfortable hour yesterday morning surfing the web and filling up the battery. At the time, the network was even working.

People Waiting in the Bowl
People Waiting in the Bowl

I got a ride down to the Apple campus with Ingrid. It was good talking to her and catching up on about a year’s worth of gossip, but we split up shortly after arriving at the campus, so I didn’t have an opportunity to get drunk with her and say something foolish. Darn the luck?

The Band
The Band

My only real complaint about the beer-bash is that the band was loud enough that it was difficult to actually talk to people during it. I hope someone at Apple realizes that for an event where the goal is for people to be able to talk to engineers, having a band that’s loud enough that you can’t hear the person you’re talking to might not be the best idea.

After the bash, I got into line for the buses back to SF next to Emily, a gal I’d seen earlier in the night (she was looking for the restrooms in IL-4 and I helped with directions). We sat next to each other on the bus (sorry Matt, I would have talked to you more, but she was a lot cuter than you are). Turns out she works at Indiana University. Three years ago, I met Joe who works there. Two years ago I met his co-worker whose name I don’t remember. Last night I met Emily, and when we got off the bus, Joe and his co-worker were waiting for her to walk her back to her hotel. Even semi-random encounters like that lead back to people I know. Strange. Indiana. Hopefully I’ll run into her another year.

I’ve spent the past couple days feeling completely tired, and on the ride back to the city while talking to Emily, I felt about as awake as I have since before MacHack. I wonder if maybe I just need to spend more time around cute 24-year-old gals.

Not much sleep last night. It continues to be hot here in SF, and I spent most of the night tossing and turning. Plus there was a fire alarm that went off in the hotel at about 5:30 this morning. 7AM rolled around, and I was still ready for another two or three hours of sleep, but I got myself over to the conference center for some donuts (made by an overrated national chain) and orange juice before it all got taken away.

I also find myself wondering how the conference is going to end. See, today is the last Friday of the month, which means Critical Mass. And the last session of the day starts at 5pm, so there will be plenty of people trying to leave Moscone about the time the ride gets going. Not sure what will come of it, but it should be interesting to watch. Very few people at the conference are even aware of the existence of the Mass, and I’m pretty sure only a few are aware of the mess it can make of traffic in the City. Should be entertaining.

Well, once again, I’m link free, and basically posting a cheese-sandwich post, but what the heck. Nobody seems to be complaining, so I guess it’s okay with the three or four of you who actually read this. No idea when I’ll be able to post this, since the network is dead again (I’ve been luckier than most with the networking here, but it still hasn’t been very good), but I’ve at least got this written.

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