26. June, 2003 - hot hot hot

Well, yesterday was a warm one. Temperatures here in San Francisco were hovering in the mid-80s during the day, and the Powell has no air conditioning. When I got back to the room in the evening, it was still sweltering in the room, and I fired up the ceiling fan and wrote for a while as I waited for things to cool off.

Moscone West Exterior
Moscone West Exterior

It was another good day at the conference, but I was tired most of the day. There also weren’t a lot of sessions I really wanted to see, so I spent much of the day hanging around the DTS Lounge, which was nice. I got to see many of the people I used to work with in DTS, and there were comfortable couches to lounge on. I also spend=t some time up on the third floor of Moscone West. The architecture of the place is pretty neat, and I was reminded again that this is a darned big building. The lower two stories are taller than the 7-level parking garage next to the convention center, and this picture is along the short dimension of the building.

Same wall from the inside
Same wall from the inside

Another fun thing yesterday was actually sitting and talking to David for a while. He used to run a business that would take on multi-person contracts, kind of like I’m doing. He’s gotten out of that business and gone back to working at Apple, but he had some interesting perspectives to offer on how to manage things. He agreed that my somewhat unique position as a contract mac programming house located in the middle of the country was probably part of what made finding work easier for me. It’s nice to find someone who not only knows the technical side of things, but who has a pretty good understanding of the business side, too. I’ve known him for years, but I think this is the first time we’ve ever talked business.

Stump the Experts
Stump the Experts

Last night was also Stump the Experts. It’s one of the highlights of the conference, and Fred and Mark did a fine job, as usual. There were the usual newcomers to Stump who asked questions that were far too easy, and also a few people who wanted to argue with the experts, even when they were wrong. Oh well, everyone’s got to be a newbie some time.

PacBell lights up
PacBell lights up

Just after Stump, I looked out to see PacBell park with the lights going on. I hope to make it to a ballgame there on Saturday, but the game is already sold out, so hopefully I can find a ticket. It’s not too long of a walk, and I hear there are always some grandstand seats held for the day of the game, so I’m hopeful.

There was also a group dinner last night. It’s a group of pretty smart people I know, and we took over Max’s Diner. Max’s beats Mel’s Drive-In hands down, and our waitress/bartender was a lot of fun, getting into the raucous atmosphere that comes from having 40 people show up when we had a reservation for 24. I just hope everyone figured their bills correctly so she didn’t get stiffed on the tip (I didn’t stick around to see the final accounting).

As for sessions, I went to one session on the new Carbon Human Interface stuff with 10.3. It looks like Apple’s still moving things in the right direction, and the Carbon APIs are keeping up with the Cocoa side of things. That’s very encouraging. There was also a session on performance-tuning your application, and I learned about a few new tools I’ll have to look into further. It seems that every year at the conference I come home with a big list of things I have to look into further, and some years I even get through that list. I hope this is one of those years, and not one where the list is still languishing around Thanksgiving and I finally just give up on it at that point. That usually happens because I’m too busy with business, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s what happened last year, and Apple has made enough changes that I’m going to have to devote some time to catching up with the latest stuff again pretty soon.

Tonight’s the Beer Bash on the Apple campus in Cupertino. I don’t envy the organizers the task of busing 3000 or so developers from San Francisco down to Cupertino and back, but I imagine it’ll work out somehow. I think I’ve got a ride down to campus, but I’m betting it’ll be another late night. It’s sure going to be nice to get home and be able to sleep more regular hours in my own bed and air conditioning, especially after waking up at 6am today, and discovering that the room was still hot. I tried to head to the conference center and its powerful air conditioning, but they don’t let attendees in until 8am, so I had about 45 minutes to kill at the nearby Starbucks. A large iced chai seems like it might be both a welcome blast of caffeine and something cool to drink. It’s just not supposed to be warm and muggy in San Francisco at 7am, even in June.

Also saw something that just made me wonder this morning. There was a homeless guy who was asking for change out on the street. When he had collected enough, rather than going to someplace more affordable (there’s a convenience store around the corner that has coffee), he came to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee and then walked out to collect some more change while sipping his mocha frappe something or other. Apparently there are yuppie homeless, too. I always figured the only use for Starbucks was a place to sit, and paying $4 for a cup of coffee was worth it only because of the seating.

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