25. June, 2003 - (not) talking about WWDC

I started writing this on Tuesday during the day, either while sitting in sessions at WWDC or while sitting around in between schmooze-fests. As with previous WWDC’s, I’m not trying to attend every single session, but rather going to just the sessions I think I really need to be at, and then talking to people "off-line" most of the time.

Tuesday ended up being a day where there were a number of sessions I did have to go to, though. There are a number of sessions on graphics and imaging, as well as text and fonts, all of which are areas where I’ve got some expertise, and I need to work on maintaining that. While the sessions themselves don’t really have a lot of content that I need to pay close attention to, the people who are attending them are the people I work with, and reading their take on the sessions and getting a chance to give the Apple people feedback on things they’re doing right and wrong is an opportunity I can’t really afford to pass up. It’s not exciting, but it’s part of what I need to do for the business so I can keep the new business coming in.

There’s also the problem of the sessions being under NDA. That means I can’t talk about what I learned with impunity, and I think probably the easiest solution is to leave the technical bits out. Some people are sure to want more, but I just don’t feel like trying to turn on the filters so I can write safely about what I’ve learned so far. There’s cool technical stuff, and if you’re at WWDC, you’re hearing about it. If you’re not, the word will trickle out, but not from me (at least not this week). Sorry.

I spent Monday been trying to connect with Ingrid (an ex-co-worker and good friend of mine) with no success. Tuesday morning, I was walking down one of the halls, and there she was. Simple as could be. Except that she’s double-booked for dinner Tuesday night (more on that in a bit) and triple-booked for dinner tonight (Wednesday). I think we’re probably going to end up lunching. It’s probably for the best. Previous years we’ve gone out for dinner and drinks and she’s bought me enough shots that I started doing things like confessing my undying love for her and trying to fumble her back to my hotel (after she became single again). I’m such a dork sometimes, eh?

So anyway, dinner last night was with Kate & Bob. I dated Kate while I was at Apple in 1995-1996, and she’s now married to Bob. I should’ve taken a picture so you could compare me to Bob, but didn’t. It just didn’t seem right at the time, and what the hell, I’ve gotta maintain some level of mystery around here, right? Anyway, we dined at the E & O Trading Company. Tasty food, a nice waiter (Miguel), and good beer brewed on-site. Recommended.

Other than that, the conference is progressing about as expected. I’ve been talking to a bunch of people. Some of them are the same cast & crew as previous years, but I’ve also been meeting some new people. Of the three technical things I had to get done at the conference, I’ve attempted one (with the result that it really isn’t done, and I’ve got a lot more work to do on that), and have to look at the other two today and tomorrow. The Apple DTS folks are a little leery of me at this point. I may just be stopping by to say howdy, or I may be asking a question nobody knows the answer to, so I guess I should get the awkward questions out of the way soon so we can all go back to being friendly.

Well, that’s the update. I ended up writing most of this Wednesday morning in the hotel room, and now it’s time to go get some breakfast and then get into the conference center so I can upload this update and plow through a bunch of email.

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