19. March, 2003 - gray day

I’m finding it a bit frustrating that I can’t find a site online where I can point to today’s weather. You’d think NOAA or someone would have an archive so I could look at what the weather was like in Minneapolis a year ago next Monday. Anyway, after the nice warm weather of last weekend, all the added moisture in the air from the melting snow has meant foggy mornings so far this week. Today it’s just clouds, and I have no hope that the fog is going to burn off.

Gray mornings make it tougher for me to get going in the morning. There’s no real sunrise, but rather just a gradual lightening, and it seems to add at least an hour to the time it takes me to really feel awake in the morning. Couple that with a day where the forecast is for rain, and all the talk about the imminent shooting in Iraq, and even though I feel as though I should have a productive day today, it’s feeling like a good day to curl up under a blanket with a book.

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