10. February, 2003 - time wasters to start your week

I'm playing a bit with the layout for a daily entry here. Not sure how this is going to work, but it's a different look today. Why? Mostly because I want to be able to include blockquotes, and having each entry embedded within list items doesn't allow that. Suggestions for alternatives welcomed.

In We're a Happy Family! Stavros the Wonder Chicken talks about how people don't take responsibility. For much anything. He's talking specifically about happy-making drugs, but it wanders a bit (as his better postings do). Specifically:

But I've got to think that there are way too many folks out there who are just too goddamn lazy and irresponsible to take responsibility for their own mental states, just like there are too many people who think of themselves as victims, who blame their parents or their spouse for their problems, who refuse to take responsibility for their actions, who don't vote and then complain about the government they get (and so richly deserve), who drive an SUV because, hey, if I get into an accident, it's the other guy who'll get hurt, who dismiss concerns about environmental degradation with a wave of the hand and a demand for incontrovertible proof...

I tend to agree with Stavros here. I think people need to take responsibility for their own happiness. Yeah, there are some folks for whom that's not the total ticket (and I've dated some of them), but expecting drugs alone to fix your life probably isn't going to work, either. There's some effort involved, and if you're not going to make your own life happier, who is?

Got some spare time? Go check out Rocketpack, a humor and creative writing magazine. The layout doesn't like Mac IE (I had to view source to see the first couple links), but there's some fun reading there. There's also some pretty disturbed writing there.

I think I like Lou Quillio's Fanciful Résumé better than his straight one. And he's got some good writing elsewhere on his site.

How do I find things like that? Well, Phil Ringnalda's got this handy Take me to a Random Blog thing (if you want to bookmark it, you'll have to drag the link from here, since it does its magic via a redirect) that will take you to a blog that's been updated recently enough that it's on the weblogs.com list. I'll sometimes spend a few hours just surfing around seeing what there is to see. The one feature-request I have is that I'd like some way to specify what language(s) I'd like to see blogs in, but weblogs.com doesn't have a language field for the submissions, so there's not much Phil can do about it, I think. It's not that I want to restrict my reading to the US or anything, but I can only read English, German (slowly), and a little Dutch (even more slowly), so seeing a blog in Russian just doesn't help me and burns a little bit of someone's bandwidth.

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