26. January, 2003 - pictures


Cedar Square West
Cedar Square West
(my apt from 1984 circled)

I don't really have much to say or link to today. Yesterday's Microsoft bug not only slowed the net while it was running amok, but also seems to have silenced a number of people (probably busy reconfiguring routers and such). Add to that the fact that most of the "news" this weekend seems to be about a football game I don't care about (I didn't even know who was playing in it until Friday) except to note that it was number XXXVII. Well, it's all just made me feel pretty lazy. Add to that a return of brutally cold weather last night, and rather than driving to St. Cloud to see the ABE, I just stayed home and went to bed early, it's all left me with little energy for making new content here for you.

Downtown (from the 10th Ave Bridge)
(from the 10th Ave Bridge)

I did manage to write a short essay about why I'm self-employed yesterday. It ain't perfect, but it's done and out there, and that's something, I guess. And I realized that I had some pictures that had been sitting in my digital camera for a while. I don't know exactly how long, since the clock in the camera goes back to January 1, 2002 when I take it outside in the winter. But I do remember that the picture of Cedar Square West was taken on December 23, when I was heading over to the Triple Rock to drink to Joe Strummer, and I'm pretty sure the last of them (the river) was taken on January 8th.


Downtown (from the 5th St SE Bridge)
(from the 5th St SE Bridge)
The Mississippi (downriver, Washington Ave bridge)
The Mississippi
(downriver, Washington Ave bridge)


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