17. January, 2003 - mush for brains

Well, I fully expected to have nothing at all today. It's a good thing I managed to find a few links from the laptop so you'll have something to look at besides my griping. The back's feeling better, but if I hadn't had a 500 count bottle of ibuprofen on hand, it could have gotten ugly. This is the same muscle group I injured a few years back by slipping on the ice on the front steps of our house and wrenching my back by catching myself with the handrail. Then I reinjured it last September. Being a computer-nerd who can't spend hours in front of the computer is no fun. I haven't been getting paying work done, and one of my major recreations has been taken from me, too. Instead, for the past couple days I've been mostly horizontal, and that's meant a lot of TV watching. My brain feels pretty mushy now, and I'm basically just a grumpy gus. Let's hope tomorrow brings a brighter mood. If not, I probably won't bother posting an update.

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