13. January, 2003 - I don't like Mondays

In general, monday's not my favorite day of the week. Even though I work from home, I mostly stick to a monday to friday work-week, and monday is administrivia day. It's the day to balance the checkbook after whatever shopping I did over the weekend. It's the day to catch up on work-related email. It's the day to plan out the rest of the week, and make adjustments for last week's plans which went sadly awry. There are a bunch of things that don't contribute directly to the bottom line, but still have to be done. I've decided to do these things on Mondays because it's a way of easing back into the work-week, but I sometimes wonder if it doesn't slow me down by putting off the "real work" for part of a day. It's easy to lose all motivation and momentum after spending a morning on administrivia and just call it a day at lunchtime.

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