9. January, 2003 - more freaky weather

Yesterday was unseasonably warm again. 55 degrees out in mid-afternoon, breaking another record, and the big chill didn't get here as quickly as predicted. When the cold weather does hit this weekend, it's going to seem all the more cruel for the couple days of late spring we had in the middle of January.

Has anyone else out there noticed that weblogs.com doesn't always respond to pings? This morning at 7:50 CST I updated. Weblogs.com fetched my page to see if it had changed, and then apparently decided it hadn't. And since there are a ton of other services that depend on that information, none of them noticed that I'd updated for the day. So here it is almost two hours later, and I'm adding this gripe and going to update again, in hopes that it'll notice I've updated. Services like weblogs are good things for the community. When they start being flaky, that's not so good. Is there a good alternative out there? I'd like to know.

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