1. January, 2003 - a better new year

I spent last night wishing people a "better new year" rather than a happy new year. It seemed to fit the general mood that 2002 hadn't been all that good, and all we're expecting for 2003 is something that sucks less (which fits with my response when asked about Christmas this year: Well, at least no one was killed.). So here's hoping 2003 sucks less for you, too. Set your expectations appropriately low, and you won't be disappointed.

I realize I'm link-short again today. Sorry. I'll try and come back and fill things in later today, but there's a distinct chance I'm going to be less linky for a while. I think it may take a while to get the taste of 2002 out of my system. And for what it's worth, I only missed 22 days in all of 2002 while attempting to do an everyday blog, and I was on vacation for almost three weeks in there. I don't think I'll do that well in 2003, but I'm hoping to make the days when I do say something more interesting. Wish me luck.

Oh, and my "free" new year's eve kiss? Gave it to a friend who also had nobody else to kiss.

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