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31. December, 2002 - another year gone
30. December, 2002 - local news
29. December, 2002 - a day of rest

I'm being a little lazy with the links and commentary today. Sorry, but I'm all holidazed out, and worrying if I'll have someone to give a "Happy New Year" kiss to in a couple days. As my friend Susan points out, it's the one "free kiss" you get all year long, and it's worth trying to get right, because you might get a chance to parley it into something more.

28. December, 2002 - local news, software
27. December, 2002 - It's Friday, right?
26. December, 2002 - post-holiday hangover
25. December, 2002 - Merry Christmas
24. December, 2002 - Christmas Eve
23. December, 2002
22. December, 2002 - the government we deserve?
21. December, 2002 - happy solstice

Well, here it is, the solstice. The sun'll be headed back toward our part of the world tomorrow. The mood here in Dave Central? About as dark as the season would suggest, but there's more sunshine in the future, one would hope. I guess we'll see what sort of turnarounds Mr. Sun brings with him. My mantra at this point is One More Week, and it'll all be done, since next Saturday is the last of the family gatherings for the season. It's not that I don't like my family, but a lot gets concentrated into a week around the holidays.

20. December, 2002 - web life
19. December, 2002 - gray grey gray

In an administrative note, I've been noodling with the style sheets here to make sure everything looks equally good in both Mac IE and Mozilla. I had some things that weren't making Moz happy. In any case, fixing Moz meant breaking things for Netscape 4.x. Not sure I'm going to bother re-fixing it at this point, but feel free to email in bug reports if something's rendering funny.

Days like yesterday and today are one of my least favorite parts of winter in Minnesota. The weather's been unseasonably warm (mid-40s yesterday), there's no snow, and we had enough rain and humidity that even if there aren't clouds higher in the sky, you can't tell through the fog. Waking up gets tougher because there's no real light coming through my windows. Getting out for a walk isn't so pleasant because it might rain or snow or both (and almost certainly at the point when I'm farthest from home). If I wanted this kind of weather, I'd be living in Vancouver or London or something, not in Minnesota. We're supposed to have snow and brilliantly crisp blue skies, not fog and rain. Especially not less than a week before Christmas.

18. December, 2002 - running late
The IDS Tower
The IDS Tower

I was running late today, so it's an afternoon update. It was kind of a dreary day, and combined with going out for an adult beverage or two with some friends last night, then coming home and staying up sending off some probably ill-advised emails until about 4, for some reason I didn't hit the floor running this morning. But I went downtown to have lunch with another friend, and all the tall buildings were being swallowed by clouds, so I took a couple pictures. And now I'm getting the posting done for the day, only about six hours late.

The Norwest Tower
The Norwest Tower

17. December, 2002 - givin' 'em the business
16. December, 2002 - Monday funnies
15. December, 2002 - Bill Of Rights day
14. December, 2002 - bye, Dave
13. December, 2002 - superstitious? me?
12. December, 2002 - sinus hell
11. December, 2002 - a little fun
10. December, 2002 - and now, in local news…
The University of MN
The University of MN
9. December, 2002 - back to work you slacker!
U of MN Steam Plant
U of MN Steam Plant
8. December, 2002 - Hardware roundup
7. December, 2002 - some saturday sex'n'stuff
6. December, 2002 - friday fun - safe for work
5. December, 2002 - political day
4. December, 2002 - toys
3. December, 2002 - Ho! Ho! Ho!
2. December, 2002 - I'm ready for some snow
1. December, 2002 - There went the weekend
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