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31. October, 2002 - Happy Halloween / Samhain
30. October, 2002 - some politics
29. October, 2002 - more vacation pictures
28. October, 2002 - Angels win
27. October, 2002 - spring ahead, fall back
26. October, 2002 - so THIS is what the end-times look like
25. October, 2002 - Sen. Paul Wellstone, R.I.P.
24. October, 2002 - humor - local news - politics
23. October, 2002 - software, hardware, lava, legos
22. October, 2002 - insomnia
21. October, 2002 - happy monday, now get back to work
20 October, 2002 - I drank so much tonight, I just feel stupid
19. October, 2002 - happy birthday Jim
18. October, 2002 - survived another week
17. October, 2002 - slack
16. October, 2002 - slow morning
15. October, 2002 - busy day ahead
14. October, 2002 - it was a good season
13. October 2002 - Sunday's a day of rest, right?
12. October, 2002 - don't fuck with the mouse
11. October, 2002 - Friday Fun
10. October, 2002 - Still catching up
8. October, 2002 - Ugly day
7. October, 2002 - back in the groove - or is it a rut?
6. October, 2002 - resting up from vacation

Well, I've got a fair number of links built up, but instead I'm just going to ramble a bit today. I'm back from vacation, and recovered from my night out on the town Friday night. I returned from a vacation that consisted entirely of summer-like temperatures to find fall in full swing in Minnesota.

And I find myself settling into an autumnal state of mind. Fall is definitely in the air, and one of the first things I did when I got home was set the thermostat to 68 for the duration. The furnace kicked in immediately, telling me that the landlord is thinking about winter, too. It feels like time to hunker down for the winter already.

So what's new? I moved Dave's Picks (and all the other sites I host) to a new server before I left on vacation. But I don't have all the tools in place I'd like to do this blogging thing on a daily basis. Changing servers is meaning a change in the way I do things, especially since this new server isn't sitting in my kitchen with a basically unsecured appleshare connection waiting there for me. I'm currently editing things with vi and that's slowing me down, mostly due to the lack of cut and paste from one file to another (and yes, I do know how to do that in vi, but it's a lot more tedious than having two windows open in BBEdit). I could probably do the editing via ftp, but I'm thinking about the long-term here, and want to build more tools that will make life easier and those tools want to live on the server, I've decided.

On the top of the list for tools are some scripts to make it easier for me to upload a batch of pictures, such as the ones I took while I was on vacation. I know how to write scripts to take an uploaded image, resize it to make a thumbnail version, stamp the original with my copyright, and build the HTML so I can include it in a page. There's no rocket science there. But it'll mean the better part of a morning or afternoon getting all the pieces written and debugged, and I don't have the energy for it at the moment, especially with both a NASCAR race and a Twins game on TV this afternoon to divert me from anything resembling work.

So that's the long-winded explanation of why there aren't a handful of links for you here today. Sorry about it, but between the impending change of seasons, catching up on reading a few folks blogs, and the need to write some new code, I just don't feel very link-a-rific today. I'll try and have a fresh batch for you on Monday.

Oh, and I'm probably going to spend some time playing with my new scott Danger Sidekick that I got yesterday, too. Which will mean more scripts to allow me to email links to myself, plus some tweaks to the style sheets so Dave's Picks looks better on that box. Besides, it seems I managed to squeeze in a few links anyhow. The picture of Scott over there on the right is one of the first photos I've taken with the Danger. That's full resolution, not a thumbnail. Need to account for photos like that in any tools I write, too.

2. October, 2002 - smileys want to be free
1. October, 2002 - a new month - a new update
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