Google tells me these are related to Dave's Picks

When I look at the results of the Google Search:, I'm struck by what a small community seems to be related to me. I've eliminated the other pages I wrote, and these are sorted in the order google returned 'em.

See also the updated list

  1. PoohSniff Net
  2. blue sky: miscellaneous
  3. Brent
  4. Easy Content Management
  5. Weblogs.Com: Recently Changed Weblogs
  6. View from an Iowa Homestead: Cat Pictures
  7. Frames Suck Most of the Time (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox December)
  8. Hell's Tunas Motorcycle Club - Strohs Beer, Schmedley Gurdley, ...
  9. Andrea's Weblog
  10. Kate Adams
  11. Hack the Planet Prime
  12. Karl Gregory Jones - Home Page
  13. Minnesota's Leader in Internet Technology
  14. Macromedia - Dreamweaver
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