More related sites

I last updated my list of sites related to Dave's Picks back in April 2002. Things have changed a bit since then, so here's the new list, from December 20, 2002.

  1. Jamie Zawinski's article on Intertwingularity continues to score high on the list.
  2. Brent Simmons and I seem to think about the same kind of things.
  3. Ditto for Doc.
  4. Calhoun Cycle is the start of a rash of new entries, probably due to my getting a 'bent trike and writing a lot about it.
  5. Super Micro Bike - another MNHPVA member
  6. Dave Krafft - ditto
  7. Camworld - new to the list, but no surprise.
  8. Faisal Jawdat - another new entry.
  9. Papa Scott and I exchange email periodically. He's in Germany, but looks here for news of Minnesota
  10. Garret's dangerousmeta! - I haven't figured this out yet - probably links to the same stuff.
  11. Meryl Yourish - again, linking to the same stories.
  12. Macromedia Dreamweaver confused me last time it showed up, and still does.
  13. VISI is run by some old friends. An ISP in Minnesota. But it's a shame they show up and Bill's ISP doesn't.
  14. Karl Jones is a local friend, and we share interests.

I think I may end up watching this over time. It's interesting to see how the slant of my site changes over time, as well as how the slant of the rest of the net changes around me.

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