Most popular pages

Here are the most popular pages as of September 21, 2003

  1. Magical Macintosh Key Sequences has gotten more hits this month than the front page.
  2. Dave's Picks. The front page is still second most popular.
  3. Why avoiding tables (for layout) is important continues to get traffic, in spite of it being over a year old, which in web-standards seems like forever.
  4. Mead Made Easy
  5. Quotes I like
  6. Dave's Pictures
  7. Dave's Recipes
  8. So ya wanna get rid of Mac OS X which maybe isn't so useful now that there are machines that won't boot anything but Mac OS X.
  9. I've been googled! continues to draw in searchers, but in smaller numbers, since I haven't updated it for a while.
  10. Dave's Resume comes in at #10

Just a quick listing of the ten most popular pages here on Dave's Picks as of March 1, 2002.

  1. Dave's Picks. It's not a big surprise that the front page draws the lion's share of the traffic.
  2. Why avoiding tables (for layout) is important got a lot of traffic because Dave Winer pointed to it from Scripting News
  3. I've been googled! draws in even more searches.
  4. Dave's Pictures, while mostly of Minneapolis, people also seem to like the pictures of the critters over at Como Zoo
  5. Dave's Recipes
  6. Pinging
  7. About Dave's Picks
  8. My quotes file (which I've seen ripped off verbatim by at least four people out there on the net).
  9. The state of the Bill of Rights
  10. Mead Made Easy table of contents

So there it is. I'll try and update this periodically.

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