I lived in Monticello (Monti) until I was 5, and again from ages 9 to 12. It's a small town that at the time was far enough from the Twin Cities that it could be considered country, but just close enough that my Dad could commute to work in Fridley. We had a 50-acre farm. Not real big, but enough woods that were ours that I could wander off and hide for a while and not have too much worry about my parents finding me. Especially since there was a swamp in the middle of our land, so I could always circle around the swamp in the other direction if I felt like hiding.

Monti itself was definitely small-town when I was living there. There was a real main street, and while there were some businesses that weren't right on main street, that was still the focus of the town. I-94 was built while I was living there the second time, and that started to change everything.

Now downtown is in trouble, and the center for new development seems to be along the freeway. It's a short enough distance that we would have biked it as kids, but most of the roads there are bike-hostile now, so in order to get anywhere, it's into the car.

Also, with the growth of the metro area, Monti is nearly a suburb now.

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